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Borisenok, Brown Road Racing encouraging women to get involved with thoroughbred ownership

Michelle Borisenok, the founder of Brown Road Racing, is on a mission to encourage women to get involved in thoroughbred ownership. Her passion for women's leadership and desire to represent women in racing led her to create the partnership in 2018. After feeling excluded from decision-making in a previous ownership endeavor, Michelle saw an opportunity to create a space for women interested in racing but unsure of how to get involved.

Her first horse, Gotta B Bold, was purchased in 2018 and raced three times without a win before retiring to Borisenok's farm, where she is now expecting her first foal. Brown Road Racing's commitment to education sets it apart, with Michelle emphasizing that the partners must learn about all aspects of the industry, including breeding, buying, training, racing, and responsible retirement.

A notable supporter of women in racing, Michelle commissioned a statue of a female jockey to be placed in front of the National Museum of Racing. This effort aligns with her goal to open doors for other women and honor the pioneers who paved the way for women in the sport.

Brown Road Racing recently tasted success when three-year-old Union Dolly, co-owned by the partnership, won at Saratoga Race Course. The partnership's communication model fosters learning, and Michelle finds joy in seeing her partners grow and succeed in the industry. As Michelle continues to break barriers and encourage women in thoroughbred ownership, she remains dedicated to the education and experience that racing can offer to all enthusiasts, regardless of victory on the track.

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